OAFE Update for Thursday, May 1

We're trying to keep Shocka from doing any more updates. RAH-lee we are.

A very light offering this week, 'cause we've been busy. First of all, the new reviews. Kind of a theme this week.

I hope you like naked, oily men, because that's what you're getting - when Shocka said he was giving us a ring, we thought he was proposing. Turns out he was just handing in a review of the WWF Hardcore Ring. http://www.oafe.net/shocka/wwf.html

Always a follower, I reviewed a wrestler of my own. Man, what a 'roided up freak. http://www.oafe.net/yo/wwfhhh.html

Thanks to Shocka not grasping the concept of a "teaser," most of you already know what last week's sneak peek was all about. Not that it was some big mystery, but I like to blame him for things. Anyway, we have a new Figuretoon, which will be running all month. http://www.oafe.net/toons/0305/ One panel a day, every day. Keep checking back for newness!

That's it for now. Maybe next week we'll get Poe to write one of these things...


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