OAFE Update for Thursday, May 15

So, who all's just come back from a midnight show of The Matrix? Raise your hands, class.

X2 continued to roll over the competition at the box office last week, and your sneak peek was of oneof the new X2 toys; Battle Attack Logan, to be more specific. http://www.oafe.net/yo/x2logan.html Complete with free anatomy lesson!

From there, we moved to ToyBiz's other cash cow at the moment, the Lord of the Rings. Check out the twisted little freak (no, not Shocka) Gollum at http://www.oafe.net/yo/lotrgollum.html

Over on our message board, The Loafing Lounge, you can take a look at an upcoming Star Wars Unleashed figure: it's everybody's favorite bounty hunter, proving that falling into a Sarlaac Pit isn't as fatal as it's made out to be. http://www.oafe.net/cgi-bin/forums/ikonboard.cgi?s=a84cd648b57af3cb28cf5b97e637d00c;act=ST;f=2;t=27 While you're over there, check out the first official image of Ron Pearlman as Hellboy. Bad. Ass!

Art Asylum is making the best out of their Star Trek line, even if Enterprise gets worse every week. Check out what happens when you combine a killer sculpt with actual articulation at http://www.oafe.net/yo/borgak.html Go Borg go!

Until next week, remember: there most certainly IS a spoon, and I'll whack you in the head with it to prove it...

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