OAFE Update for Thursday, May 6

So, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, the anniversary of the day that a threadbare group of villagers completely kicked the asses of 7,000 French invaders bent on conquering Mexico. And, just like most other holidays, it's now an excuse to drink.

While you're recovering from what were most certainly yesterday's grand debaucheries, drink deeply of our fine hair of the dog. This first review was available to our email subscribers before its Saturday debut, but it was still worth waiting for. Why does a Grecian princess wear an American flag? Who knows? maybe you can find out at http://www.oafe.net/yo/dcdkc3ww.php

Sunday we unveiled our newest Point of Articulation feature, a single-elimination tournament designed to crown the best toy company around today. Learn all about it at http://www.oafe.net/articulation/ - the second round begins Sunday, so get your Round 1 votes in soon!

With all the info starting to trickle out about Star Wars on DVD, we decided Monday to take a look at what may be the best Star Wars figure released yet. Or at least it *would* be, if it was easier to find. Goofy helmet, though. http://www.oafe.net/yo/sw2ctsp.php

Busy week over at OAFEnet - Tuesday saw the premiere of a brand new feature. Check out the beginnings of our Custom Figure gallery at http://www.oafe.net/customs/

And while you're at it, don't forget that we're hiring. If the big link right at the top of every page has escaped you so far, head over to http://www.oafe.net/jobs.php and find out how your customizing skills could serve you well.

Wednesday we shrank down to 2" size to look at the tiniest unstoppable force you're ever likely to see. Art Asylum's been having some paint problems with their Minimates lately - are they bad enough to sink the line? Find out at http://www.oafe.net/yo/mmmjcl.php

For now, we'll leave you to your Alka-Seltzer and dark glasses. Don't forget that Mother's Day is Sunday: do something good for your moms if you can, G-money. If not for her, where would you be?


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