Our Toy Fair coverage begins today…

That is to say, our coverage of other websites' Toy Fair coverage begins today. Yes, while other websites run around a big building in New York, clogging their arteries with criminally-overpriced hot dogs, dealing with coy toy manufacturers and bumping into surly retailers, then venturing out into the streets to contend with the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses, who are more likely to step aside for a small dog than a human being, and all the while inhaling the same tainted air as the New York Yankees, a.k.a. the Greatest Chokers of All Time, who suck - while all this goes on, we here will sit back in our comfy chairs, drinking Merlot of the finest vintage and eating Tostitos, hunched over our computers, our eyes glazing as we repeatedly click the "Refresh" button to see if any websites have updated their Toy Fair pages.

The only lines I'm interested in this year are Mezco's Hellboy and Goon, and SOTA's Lovecraft figures. I've been waiting to see the comic-based Hellboy figures for what feels like an epoch. Mezco has been incredibly mum on them, revealing only a few obscure photos here and there. I'm not sure whether this is due to licensor issues or because it's too early in the process, or whether they intend to have some sort of grand revelation sometime during Toy Fair. In my worst nightmares, we never get to see the line at all. Even when you order the figures, you receive a package, filled with action figures in clamshells, there and yet not there, as they are made with some Lovecraftian geometry, some non-Euclidian math that is invisible to the human eye...

So far, Action-Figure has thrown up a few press releases, as has RTM. This makes sense, since the Fair doesn't officially start until Sunday, but it looks like a few companies have already set up shop, as Figures.com's Toy Fair section has a number of photos from several companies, most notably Mezco (no Hellboy or Goon yet, alas), Art Asylum, and Joyride/Playing Mantis.

Some new pictures of note include:

I'm sure my fellow OAFEs will have their own comments and interests as Toy Fair progresses. In the meantime, check back here for continual updates as to what other websites are doing. And to those other websites, I say, keep up the hard work! I'll be here with the corn chips and salsa.

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