Huge Goon news! got the scoop of the week - photos and details about Mezco's upcoming toyline based on Eric Powell's comic The Goon.

I got into The Goon a few months ago after picking up the Hellboy/Goon crossover (Goon #7 - brilliant marketing, that). Naturally I became addicted to it, and fortunately for me, Mezco's figures were already on the way.

The figures are tentatively scheduled to be released in the fall. The first line-up, as previously reported, includes The Goon, Frankie, the Zombie Priest, and Joey the Ball. Each figure will also come with a chunk of a "zombie," much like the Galactus of Marvel Legends 9, but in a nice twist, the zombie chunks will also be designed to look as they've been hacked up by our heroes--thus, you'll have the choice of displaying the zombie as a single figure, or spread around Goon and Frankie in all their gory glory.

Here are direct links to the articles:

My favorite bit: Frankie's accessories will include a "knife with zombie eye on it (fits into zombie head)" so you can re-enact your favorite "KNIFE TO THE EYE!" moments.

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