The Search for Supes I

First off, an introduction - I'm Poe Ghostal, a founder of OAFEnet, where I still write the occasional review every other year. For instance, check out my review of the DC Superheroes Superman - my first review since October 2004!

The topic of my entry today is my search for the second series of DC Superheroes figures (the Superman series, which includes the above-reviewed Supes, Supergirl, Doomsday, and Bizarro) I got my Superman for the review from BigBadToyStore for a total of $15 including shipping, which, considering how much gas I'd spend running around looking for him - and the current state of gas prices - wasn't that bad a deal. My OAFE-mates will no doubt castigate me for my spendthrift ways, though I don't buy one-fifth of the total yearly volume of action figure product that any one of them does.

But I still need Bizarro, Doomsday and Supergirl (and would prefer to pay normal prices), so I checked my local K-Mart and Target not once, nor twice, but three or four times in the past week. No joy.

Judging from the auctions on eBay, it looks like the line hasn't quite made its way to the Eastern Seaboard yet (plenty in San Jose, though). This is one of the drawbacks to living in Boston - you're about as far from those California loading docks as one can get.

So my search continues. But considering the ubiquity of the first DCSH series, I'm not too concerned that the line will sell out. The only thing bothering me is my famed impatience.

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