yo: What I Know Is...

I am addicted to porn.

Mental porn.

See, I absolutely love knowledge, and the fact that the internet brings me so much of it so quickly. I love being able to learn anything at all with a few minutes' work on Google, and I often get distracted by some random bit of trivia that I'll then read about exhaustively.

And what's more, I know I'm not alone. That's why we run OAFEnet the way we do: while most sites just tell you the things you could learn by looking at the figure in the package, you read an OAFE review and your brain gets a few more wrinkles. Whether it's Poe telling you the real origin of Superman or one of my tangents (like how a bear trap works), when you finally click away from Your #1 Source For Toy Reviews, odds are good that you'll know something you didn't know before, either about the industry or the real world.

If learning is my "pr0n," then Wikipedia is my Playboy - except I really do like it for the articles. I can get lost in there for hours, just following link after link. And I love that I can return the favor, putting my knowledge to use. Last week I spent a few hours whipping the DC Direct article into something useful. It used to be one long list of toys - now it's one long list of toys with paragraph breaks. But when someone goes looking for it in the future, they'll find something helpful and informative. And that's the real money shot.

my wrist hurts

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