Shocka - I've got a secret

Have you heard that the Hasbro MLs are having a major price raise?

Sure, it's only $2 at your end, in the US, but down here in Australia? The distributor - Funtastic - has pulled a fast one on us and has doubled the price. They're usually AU$15 here, and now they're AU$30. And this is after they skipped ML14 and 15, and Face-Off 2. Plus Famtastic Four, X-Men and pretty much everything else.

Because they're so cheap, and excellent figures, I've usually ended up getting Marvel Legends just to fill the addiction. I'm most fond of the BAFs. Huge figures are awesome, just like huge monsters that loom above you. Ah well. I wasn't planning on buying too many of them anyway.

I still don't believe it. I can't imagine finding MLs at a mass market store for $30.

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2 Responses to Shocka - I've got a secret

  1. yo go re says:

    so did this turn out to be true? Our prices have indeed gone up about two bucks - have your doubled?

    • RM Radcliffe says:

      They sure have.

      ToyBiz ML (distributed by Funtastic) were AU$16 each.

      Hasbro ML (distributed by Hasbro here) have just hit at AU$29 (US$22.80).

      The worst thing is, Hasbro ML hit a few comic stores earlier in the month as imports for LESS than that!

      When IMPORTED figures at a COMIC STORE are cheaper than the locally distributed mass-market releases, you KNOW you're getting ripped off.


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