A bad move by McFarlane

So in their new press release, McFalane Toys gave out a little bit of news about their NFL "Ultimate Team Sets." The Ultimate Team Sets, for those who don’t know, are the extra-small figures of a team's entire starting line that are sculpted about as well as the players from your average 1960s electronic football game. Sure, I think they're a waste of plastic, but at least they're small, so they don't take up a lot of valuable shelf space. Basically, I'm willing to leave them alone. For the most part.

But here's what the press release had to say:

...recent player movement will be recognized in these lineups including the addition of QB Aaron Rodgers to the Packers set...

Now, who can tell me what's wrong with that? If you said "who the hell cares about Aaron Rodgers," then congratulations, you're right. I'm sure Rodgers' parents are real excited about him getting to play a big-boy sport, but they're about the only ones. Packers fans may love the team a whole bunch, but you know what they love even more? Outgoing QB Brett Favre.

Not only is McFarlane is trying to sell a team of the Green Bay Packers without Favre, but he has the temerity to call it an "Ultimate" set? Maybe it's supposed to be ironic, like when they used to call their stuff "ultra" action figures? Of course, by "ironic" I mean "an outright lie." The only thing "Ultimate" about the Packers' team set is the disappointment of Cheeseheads everywhere when they realize that instead of #8, they're being stuck with a #12 - and I mean that both on the field and in this set.

(Of course, all this is going to look really stupid if he wins the Super Bowl next year or something...)

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