BSG Starbuck & Leoben addendum

Because Diamond Select's Battlestar Galactica line is so close to death, but there are so many characters and variations left to do, one cannot help but look at any new releases through eyes of "what can be reused." Today's new review is Starbuck and Leoben - who else could they make?

None of what Leoben adds to the pile has a whole lot of high re-use value. The lower biceps and forearms could work for an unjacketed Baltar, in fact the safest bet is that the torso is in place for my much desired labcoat Baltar. The aforementioned arm pieces could cover for the labcoat needing only new shoulders and outer coat tool. The legs could also be reused from Tyrol or from President Baltar, if that figure makes it out. Same with the head, though I would, of course, prefer a new one.

Starbuck adds a new head that shouldn't really be reused, especially with that hairpiece, the jacket piece has no real re-use value, but there is the much-needed tanktop torso. That's the missing piece for at least two easy kit-bashes - Starbuck in half-on flight suit, like the upcoming Athena figure, and what I'll call "Poker Starbuck," which is the tank-top torso, bare arms, and regular pants (basically this figure sans jacket and with bare arms).

Any other ideas?

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