BotCon Souvenir Set #2 - Autotrooper

Autotroopers are the rank and file of the Cybertron Defense Police Command. In times of war they can be brought directly under the auspices of the office of the Magnus. Once selected for service, an Autobot goes through a remolding process into a uniform trooper shell, an antebellum model built for endurance and reliability, created by specialist Fisitron. Long megacycles of training make them a potent force against those on the wrong side of the law.

The Animated Autotroopers are based on the Kiss Players' Autoroopers (notice the different spelling). The Autoroopers (オートルーパー: "Ōtorūpā") were not actually Transformers, but were more like powered armor driven by nude girls. Thankfully, the Autotroopers don't follow suit - they're real Transformers, with no skeeviness attached. The body is the same as Ironhide, so it definitely looks like it would be capable of subduing Cybertronian lawbreakers.

The colorscheme is a very striking black and white - remember, these are police-bots, so they need to stand out in a crowd. There's a dash of silver on the roof of the van, and the lights are blue. That color is matched in the windshield, and on the shoulder pods. The Autotrooper even gets a unique Autobot symbol, one that's been embellished to look more like a badge or even military insignia. The standard sigil is surrounded by a few extra red bars, and there are two downward-pointing chevrons under the "chin." The Autotrooper has the same "shock paddle" accessories as every other use of the mold, and has a port in his left arm where Lockdown's (or Wildrider's) engine can be plugged in.

The Autotrooper head is the same used for Fisitron - in fact, looking at it, it seems like it was designed for this guy first, then handed down to Fisitron. The Autotroopers were the only ones who appeared on the show, after all, and this head matches that. In the BotCon script reading, the Autotroopers spoke with an Irish accent, like stereotypical cartoon cops.

As you recall, BotCon Souvenir Set #1 featured two robots: Toxitron and Sideswipe. Well, the Autotrooper is part of BotCon Souvenir Set #2, which has three robots! Who are the other two? Why, they're both Autotroopers as well. Seriously, three identical toys in one big bag. There are no differences between the Autotroopers - no numbers, no stickers, no nothing to set them apart from one another. They're all just part of the monolithic police force, so they purposely look alike. Fun fact: each of the three photos above are of different figures in the set. Could you tell?

This was the last exclusive to sell out during the con, probably due to people deciding they could live with just one Autotrooper, and opting to split the set with friends. I can certainly understand that mentality, but it's too damn cool to have three of these guys working in tandem.

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  1. Monty Prime says:

    The head was designed for the Autotroopers (They appeared in the show itself), it just worked realllly well for Fisitron.

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