NECA Shaman Predator addendum

When Monkey Boy reviewed the Shaman Predator, I thought it might have been a fluke. But when Rustin got the same thing, I knew I had a problem:

My Shaman Predator's dreadlocks are messed up.

The picture on the left is Monkey Boy's figure. Notice how the dreads hang straight down, and almost reach the waist? That's what it's supposed to look like. Mine is on the right: the dreads are shorter, and even if I pulled them straight, they'd still only reach to the armpits, not even the elbows.

Now, NECA's Preds are really popular: they sell fast when they first show up, and the restocks sell just as fast. So when I went to Toys Я Us, there was only one Shaman Predator and I couldn't compare samples. I didn't know what he was supposed to look like, so I came home with a figure that's a little screwed up.

So what's the deal? Was there a running change to correct the dreads, and I just got an early one, or is this a fluke (making me just severely unlucky)? And more importantly, how can I get a head with the right kind of dreads?

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  1. Rustin Parr says:

    My guess is that's a mold issue - note that the "clips" are fairly identical between the images, so the dreads probably just got warped and came out short and stalky.

    Looking at City & Boar Pred's that I have I notice they share the shame dreads, though the "clips" on City's are painted bone and the one's on Boar are painted brass/copper. Is this the case for everyone or did I get re-painted mixup?


    Has anyone else had a problem with the elbow joints? My Masked Classic Predator had both of his arms snap off. :/

  3. Axecutioner18 says:

    The dreads are just warped, Kyle Windrix said that the Hippie has his own unique film accurate longer dreads, although the sculpt is the same as the unmasked City Hunter. I think its just a QC problem, which MAY be solved by some heating and positioning.

    SO yes I think you were unlucky to be left with a 'screwed up' one, (probably the reason it was the ONLY Shaman figure left in the store)

  4. Ultragunner says:

    Just take a hair dryer to it for 30-60seconds. It will completely straighten the dreads. I did this to my Boar and Shaman.

  5. TwanL says:

    I just ordered mine this month,couldn't wait to get it,but when i saw it in the package he wasn't the right color.He's 2 shades darker then the pic you have posted.
    And what's pictured on the back of the box.The same with my Elder Pred some parts on his body and face an't painted right.

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