NYCC after-show report

Another October, another New York Comic Con. I've been attending since it first opened in 2006 (as well as the former New York Anime Festival), and I've seen it go from a pretty large con into a con so big it's kind of ridiculously incredible. Never did I think we'd have a con here to rival San Diego, but here we are, over 120,000 people later. But I guess the important thing here is "did I have a good time?" The answer is a sincere yes.

One thing that really blew me away was the complete lack of a line to get into the general dealer floor: I'd gotten used to waiting for what seemed like ages to get into the dealer area, but this year it took me no time at all, so big props to the folks at Reed Exhibitions for that. The dealer floor itself was what I've come to expect: noisy and insanely big to the point where I could easily miss several tables without realizing it. Not that what you see isn't enjoyable though! I also have to give big props to how the artist alley has evolved over the years: it's huge, but intimate, which is perfect for getting to know your favorite artists, like the voice of Zorak, Moltar, and Dr. Weird, Clay Martin Croker, and legendary cartoonist Bob Camp! Only at an event as big as New York Comic Con could I have met these fine gentlemen, and for that, I thank them.

But we are a site that covers toys, so as a toy collector, there was still a truly sizable presence of action figures at the con itself. Bluefin of course brought their A-game once again with fantastic displays showing off some truly great reveals, including more fantastic DBZ, Sailor Moon and Power Rangers Figuarts. Square Enix had an impressive display showing off new product based on Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and some licenses that honestly surprised me, like the upcoming Robocop movie, the new Star Trek films, Aliens and even the Medal of Honor series of games. Like 'em or not, Play-Arts Kai continues to get some interesting additions to its line.

Mattel had an impressive display as always, showing off new upcoming product for Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Signature Collection, Ghostbusters and Max Steel. Unfortunately, some product was stolen from the display cases, and that is never, ever cool, and quite honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Mattel doesn't come back next year because of it. These kind of things have consequences, after all. Playmates came out with an impressive display showing off the toy history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I'm really jazzed that they've really taken to the con. But what probably caught my eye the most was Yes Anime's 1/4- and 1/12-scale Super Alloy Iron Man display. They had every single armor from all three Iron Man movies done up as 6" figures! If that doesn't peak your fan interest, I don't know what will. Their Super Alloy "New 52" figures were no slouch either, taking the designs and making them look quite pleasing to my eye.

As a fan of geek stuff, and even as just a fan of toys, I'd call this con a success. I even got to hang with an awesome Adventure Time Fiona cosplayer! New York Comic Con continues to impress, and I can't wait to go next year.

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