Minimate Mini-Review #229 - Payback Wolverine & Classic Sentinel

#229 - Payback Wolverine/Classic Sentinel

When an intelligent virus wiped out Logan's healing factor, he walked away from the X-Men and the Avengers and went to work for a crime boss. His new costume better protects him from injury.

He did? Why? Why does losing his powers mean he has to join the mob? This is Wolverine #54, and he's wearing a nifty new costume. It's black, with yellos sections framing a large X over his chest. There are pads on the ribs and arms, and at a glance he really ends up looking a lot like Constrictor. He gets the usual Wolverine claws, which is disappointing: since his healing factor was gone, Wolverine couldn't pop his claws out like he used to - they'd cut his hands to shreds. Instead, he began wearing replacement claws that strapped onto the backs of his arms (which is what those pads are covering).

For some reason, Wolverine comes with two different hair pieces: one that's pretty standard, in that we've seen it used multiple times before (for the first time 20 Wolverines ago); and a second that's shorter and more close-cropped. Why does he come with two? Is this somehow related to the story where this costume appeared? Tell us in the comments.

A robotic soldier originally designed to hunt and neutralize mutants, the Sentinel was developed by the US government in response to what they saw as a threat to all humankind.

This Sentinel is the same as the one that was the armybuilder in Series 59, packaged with both Bobby Drake and Iceman, but it also comes with the damaged face originally seen on
the "DOFP" Sentinel. It has Iron Man's half-chest cap, Omega Red's gloves (remolded to remove the Ω symbols) and whips. The helmet and boots are the same ones Sentinels always get, but the waist extender seems to be new. If you don't like it, there's a plain waist painted underneath. Finally, he gets MODOK's base as a flight stand.

As far as TRU Series 19 goes, this is a rather boring set. But it's one of the two releases that gets the silver "Exclusive" sticker on the front, so if you want this Wolverine costume, there's probably not any other way to get it.

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  1. gl3600 says:

    Is there any reason these aren't featured in the "what's new" section with other new reviews? I know it's just a "mini-review," but I really think it would be easier to see all new reviews in one place, rather than having to go to the blog to see if any new minimate reviews are up. Or double post like Rustin's spoils! 🙂

    • yo go re says:

      Honestly, I just never thought of it. They didn't seem important enough to warrant it (the way Rustin does)...

    • Pink Parademon says:

      And probably because they want us to come to the blog regularly, to see if one has been added. It's a way to drive traffic.

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