Don't you hate it when...

So you dream about toys? I do. Not every night or anything, but every few months or so I'll have a dream about going toy shopping, like I did last night. I'd been sent to the store by my family to look for something, and decided to stop at a discount store that was having a going-out-of-business sale. Inside I found tons of toys I'd been after, all 50% off. Plus some comics that I'd never read that were dirt cheap.

I pored through the entire store, loading up with all these amazing deals... and then I woke up. The worst part was those first few seconds when the dream still seemed real, before the realization that no, I didn't actually get all those toys I want; for a brief moment, I owned them in my mind. Then the sad truth sank in. I have to keep hunting those things, and I have to spend money on them.

So, the question is: don't you hate it when you dream of finding rare toys or incredible sales, only to wake up and find out that it wasn't true?

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  1. Wolf says:

    I still have a distinct memory of being 5 or 6 and dreaming about finding a bunch of awesome toy cars in my bedroom -- I was a big Matchbox kid back then. Naturally enough, I woke up and immediately made my way over to my toy storage spot, only to discover it didn't contain these fabulous new toys. I still get sad if I think about it too much. Maybe it's why I buy so many toys now, haha!

  2. Black Arbor says:

    God, the other night I dreamt I went into Toys R Us again too! I work right next to one, and have to walk by it to get to my job, so sometimes I look in and stare longingly... But oh! The other day they were FINALLY removing the shelving and floor units from inside, and the guys doing the demolition were super nice and let me come in for one last nostalgia walk, and they even let me take home a vinyl "R" banner! I took some pictures too but I don't know how to post them in comments...

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