Minimate Mini-Review #354 - Everett Ross & Powered Up Black Panther

#354 - Everett Ross/Powered Up Black Panther

Everett Ross was introduced in an issue of Ka-Zar before moving over to Black Panther to serve an important function: audience surrogate. Writer Chrisptopher Priest realized that comics fans are a cowardly and superstitious lot mainly a bunch of white dudes, so he put a white dude right in the center of the story so they wouldn't feel scared by having to empathize with something new. (And if you think that's an exaggeration, consider the stupid reaction to some recent character changes by a certain segment of fans.) We're kind of getting off-topic, here, but that's mainly because this is just a Minimate in a plain grey suit and black tie. We know Walgreens tends to avoid weapons with its Minimates, but surely there had to be something Ross could have come with, right? Guess we'll know when the movie opens. The likeness of Martin Freeman is pretty good, so pair him up with Klingybun Fistelvase for cross-universe fanwink!

While getting ready to review this set, I realized I never got the Black Panther Minimate from Civil War, because those came out right after the Duet: An Avengers Story sets and featured a lot of the same characters. You wanted a Black Panther? You had to rebuy an Iron Man to get him. This one is "powered up" by virtue of metallic blue apps covering his body - maybe the movie is going to be doing the same thing as the recent comics, where the Black Panther suit can store and redirect energy from attacks against it. The ears on the mask do point backward a bit, just like that one. The apps reflect light differently depending on what angle you view it from, so sometimes he's blazing blue, and other times he looks almost black. You can pull the mask off, and the expression on this head is different than the one on Casino T'Challa.

Both the figures in this set are okay, but with an unaccessorized Everett Ross and a not-that-different Black Panther, it really isn't a "must have."

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