Vitruvian HACKS 2020 Deluxe Advent Calendar review - Day 2

It had been a week since the first signs of infection.
Not a lot of time for thought and reflection.

Ah, now these are some accessories we recognize! Day 2 of the Vitruvian HACKS Advent calendar hides a pair of severed arms, a piece you'll recognize from Locker Toys Group's Zombie Lab line - you may recall Boss Fight Studio did the design work for those figures, then bought the tooling when Locker Toys Group opted to sell. So the upcoming "Series Z" will reuse the ZL sculpts, with these arms seriving as a reminder.

The two arms are different colors, which is more than Zombie Lab ever managed - one is light, one is dark. The exposed bone doesn't get any distinct paint apps, but there is dark red blood on both stumps.

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