US Space Force addendum

Proving that Amazo Toys wasn't playing favorites, Space Force Blue is led by Commander Obama - he may not be commander-in-chief anymore, but he hasn't been demoted. Again, the sculpt is excellent for the scale, though the hand-painted eyes are crossed slightly. But hey, it's nice(?) to see that the "too blue" thing our toys have been suffering from for the past few months isn't limited to Caucasian skin: this head almost looks green, it's so far off-target for the guy's actual skintone. This is a later Obama, with grey hair instead of black, but they did a good job with his tight smile.

The first alternate head in the Republican set was the ghost of a dead man; the first alternate in the Democrat set is Uncle Sam, the literal spirit of the ideal America; you see why we said it felt like commentary? It's not wrong, in that liberals want to improve the future while conservatives want to preserve the past, it's just... a bit on-the-nose? Republicans have been actively working against the common good for more than four decades now, and it's all in the name of Reagan. Uncle Sam, meanwhile, is a symbol that's appealing, but ultimately powerless to act on his own. This is a neat head to give a 4" scale figure, but someone didn't think things through: although the brim of his hat is just small enough to fit inside the Space Force helmet, the top lifts the bubble up slightly, and his beard pokes out the bottom. Better hope the Symbol of Freedom doesn't need to breathe air in space!

Space Force Blue's $40k unlock is Nikola Tesla, the time-displaced scientist. Why Tesla? Well, because everybody knows Thomas Edison was a hateful bastard of a man, so no self-respecting toymaker would honor him in plastic as anything but a villain. Tesla was a Serbian immigrant, a technological genius, and a social weirdo who was in love with a pigeon. There are several famous photographs of Tesla in his younger days, and this head matches them well enough: a fairly handsome man with a strong part in his slick hair and a mustache that would inspire cops for centuries. The fact that the pupils are painted looking up and to the side makes him look like he's daydreaming about his inventions.

When the Kickstarter passed $50,000, Space Force Blue got the added bonus of Zombie Dale. Who and/or what is Zombie Dale? If it's a reference or a joke, I don't get it. If it's just a random space-zombie, why does it have a name? It's a perfectly fine zombie head, with unrooted hair, deep scratches, sunken cheeks, and patches of scalp missing that allow the skull to be seen, but... what is it? Why is it? Who is Dale, and why is he a zombie? Why is he part of Space Force? Why is he part of Space Force Blue? There aren't even any famous astronauts or Democrats named "Dale." His flesh looks gross and undead, but it's not that different from the other blue-skinned people, so who knows if they meant to do that or not?

The $60,000 unlock is another scientist, Albert Einstein. And holy crap, his skin is actually skin-colored! If they could do that for him, why does everyone else look like they have cyanosis? The facial sculpt feels very light, very simple, like they didn't put much work into it. And why would you, when you know the mustache and the frizzy hair are going to be doing, like, 99% of the heavy lifting anyway? Would you recognize Albert Einstein's face if you saw it bare? Would anyone? You could argue that this is a younger Einstein, but then his mustache should have been black, not white.

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