Living Dead Dolls Figurines: Resurrection Walpurgis review

Walpurgisnacht is an annual tradition in Germany (with similar variants in other northern/central European countries) when all the witches of the land congregate on the highest mountain peak to summon demons and bring their wrath upon the world. Thus, the humans would gather together for protection on that night. Mutual aid wins again! Originally a sort of communal "spring cleaning" holiday (those big bonfires would have been great for disposing of all the stuff ruined by being inside all winter), it's now pretty much an excuse to have Halloween on Christmas in springtime. But some still remember the old ways.

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Wearing the mask of a goat,
Raising demons she invokes.
To the flames they all flock,
Mitten in der Nacht

The original Walpurgis Living Dead Doll was a 2003 German exclusive, available only at Close-Up Posters (think "German Hot Topic," so... Heiß Topic? [Angesagtes Thema --ed.]). Mezco finally brought her to the US for SDCC and NYCC in 2015, but the character had already appeared in 2013's Living Dead Dolls blind boxed Series 2! How about that! That minifigure had three versions: the normal one wearing black, the variant wearing red, and one rare chase with her pagan mask on. It's that masked mold that has been used for the blind-boxed Resurrection series.

This one's colors are based on the NYCC exclusive: although the red robe first appeared on the 2012 minifig, that Wally's hair was still white; the 2015 doll was a redhead, and this mini follows suit. Rather than the bone color on the original and SDCC masks, this one is black, with red blood running down the front. All the Walpürge are among the rare LDD Figurines to get an accessory; in her case, it's something entirely made up for this line, not something related to the original doll: it's a flat plastic backdrop depicting a pile of demons or imps at her command. On the Series 2 figures, the imps had white eyes, but for this release they're red.

I think I'd have liked the plain Series 2 Walpurgis mini better than this one, but the extra paint app on the demons is a bonus, and who doesn't like red hair?

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