Eternia Minis: Sorceress & Evil-Lyn reviews

Imagine my surprise when, checking for half-priced Giftsmas candy at the grocery store a few days before New Year's, I found that not only were there new Eternia Minis, they were based not on the original series, nor on the Revelation cartoon, but on the Netflix CGI series! Unexpected!

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In the 2021 Masters of the Universe cartoon, Adam isn't the only one who can call upon the Power of Grayskull - all his friends can, getting similarly empowered when they do. For example, Teela, the street urchin from the slums who has a little bit of magical ability, powers up to become The Sorceress.

The cartoon lies even more on the sci-fi side of the sci-fi/fantasy divide than the original, meaning this Sorceress does not look like a bird lady, but rather like if the Sorceress from the 1987 movie was also in Tron. She wears a sleeveless white bodysuit with long gloves, and has a translucent blue helmet that looks like a beak. She has angular purple wings, which in the cartoon are not physical items, but rather portals to a different dimension. Her outfit has sculpted details that should be painted gold, and the staff she carries should have purple decorating the bird at the top.

In addition to Sorceress, the store also had Evil-Lyn, her wicked counterpart. Just as the good guys were boosted by the Power of Grayskull, the baddies had its opposite number, Havoc. And when Skeletor saw fit to share his Havoc, the former royal magician Evelyn became the cruel witch Evil-Lyn.

With her pale skin and paler hair, 2021 Evil-Lyn looks like Penelope Ford cosplaying Morrigan. She's done in purple, not blue, and the bat wings emerging from her head are way larger in the cartoon than on the toy, but that's to be expected. She also doesn't have the ridiculously long legs (because that wouldn't suit the style of the line). Like Teela/Sorceress, she includes her magical staff, though you won't see it in the packaging because it's hidden behind her. Both of them, honestly. The articulation remains minimal: head, shoulders, and waist. The staff can be held in either hand.

Sorceress and Evil-Lyn aren't the only MotU 2021 characters to be made in this assortment - there's also a He-Man and a Skeletor. And if they ever show up in a store, maybe I'll get them, but I'm not going to hunt they very hard. Having two female characters show up at once, though, makes us realize how perfect the Eternia Minis style would be for the recent She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. That show absolutely needs some toys, even if Mattel has to split the money with Classic Media to get them made.

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