Indiana Jones: Adventure Series Indiana Jones (Professor) review

After meeting with Walter Donovan, Indiana Jones agrees to embark upon a mission to find his missing father and - ultimately - the location of the Holy Grail.

What do you know, it's a guy in a suit. Never get tired of that! The body is the same as the Club Obi Wan exclusive, same arms and legs and even the torso underneath the soft PVC jacket and vest. Weirdly, the neck appears to be new: the same bow tie glued into it, but this neck seems to have tiny folds at the end of the collar than the other suit didn't? What an exceedingly strange change to make! Who's even going to notice it behind the tie there? The suit is a desaturated tan, and his shirt has pinstripes. If you take the time to work the jacket and vest off, you'll see that the torso is molded in the same color as the rest of the toy, and the "shirt" is just a patch painted in the front. Clever way to do it, considering the rest will never been seen.

Head's the same, too, though slight variations in the paint apps mean the expression might not look identical. Considering there are three years between the two events in his life (1935 vs. 1938), I think we can accept some small differences. The hair on this one is lighter, but every strand is in the same place as the other figure's, which is how we know it's the same mold.

He comes with three accessories from the same scene, which has nothing to do with him professoring: this should really be called "Indiana Jones (Venice)," because it clearly represents the bit where he and Elsa VonSexpants make their way through the crypt under the library. Oh wait, his Grail diary is still wrapped in brown paper and tied in twine, meaning this represents when he got it in the mail, not when he was using it. So two scenes. The other accessories are the thing he needed to do a rubbing on [Elsa? --ed.] (the knight's shield, you perv!), and the torch he made from a leg bone. That one's made from a very soft plastic, because bones are notoriously bendy.

This figure doesn't include any parts of the Ark Build-A-Figure, despite technically being part of Series 1. At first I thought this was an exclusive, because it showed up at GameStop and nowhere else, but that's just the distribution of this line. Theoretically you can get it anywhere, but in practice it's much rarer than that.

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  1. Pharmadan says:

    Seeing him with that shield made me think this was a "The Librians" figure. Has that sorta vibe.

    Wonder if that show ever got a toyline, probably not...

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