Mods are asleep, post Creatures

[Jack Black Bowser voice] Creatures creatures creatures creatures creatures I LOOOOVE YOOUU 🎶

two tall bookshelf shelves jam-packed with dozens of Creature toys from different manufacturers

two Creature Halloween masks, three Creature keychains, and a large, framed Creature portrait, all hanging on the wall

several boxed and carded Creature toys on top of the bookshelf, as well as a full-head mask that is itself wearing a Creature baseball cap

three carded ReAction figures in different colors, hanging on the side of the bookcase

I just really love Gill-man!

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3 Responses to Mods are asleep, post Creatures

  1. ridureyu says:

    One of my absolute favorite movie monsters.

  2. googum says:

    Very nice! I really liked Jada's version; I was kinda hoping they had some more monsters in them.

  3. Ai Muhao says:

    Hm. I might be wrong here, but I do suspect that Monkey Boy may be a fan of the Gill-Man. Mad respect that anything Gill-Man is there, including Leonardo-as-Gill-Man.

    Man, I kind of hope that the Transformers X Universal Monsters crossover series gets to Gill-Man. But we only just had Frankenstein and Dracula, so I imagine they'll do Wolfman first.

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