OAFEnet Update for Thursday, October 19

The OAFEnet Update is plagued by its all-consuming hunger for braaaaaaiiiins.

  • We began this, the third week of Horror Month, with a truly Halloweeny review. It's not like anyone carves pumpkins for Arbor Day, after all. Though a Tree O'Lantern would probably look pretty cool.
  • Mezco has always been a welcome home for horror figures, and their newest line is no exception. Poe took a shovel to the graveyard to unearth this review.
  • Monday we actually posted two reviews, which apparently confused some people. They were both related, though, so it was okay. They were intended to be sort of a one-two punch.
  • Bonus review! Not from us, but from our message board.
  • Do you ever think companies go too far with the gross-out toys? Here's the story of one figure that actually pulled back a bit.
  • Did you ever wish you could own 1" tall versions of Hellboy and all his friends? Now you can!
  • Our next review is an unstoppable killing machine with a desire for human flesh, and an accessory that speaks of his desire to mutilate people.
  • Finally, a review from Shocka, meaning that you got reviews from four OAFEs in one week. That's gotta be some kind of record. While you wait to hear from Rustin, read this.

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