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Mods are asleep, post Creatures

[Jack Black Bowser voice] Creatures creatures creatures creatures creatures I LOOOOVE YOOUU 🎶 And now, some more OAFEry:The biggest properties of the '80s Pop Art History A suggestion for Michael Bay Universal Select Mummy addendum Mighty Morphin Ninja Rangers

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Super7 Animaniacs addendum

Unlike Yakko and Wakko, Dot does not have a signature song. It's not like Tress MacNeille can't sing, but "I'm Cute" is more of a trivia note than something memorable. Come on, guys, she could have sung the universe song … Continue reading

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Lynx-O is not short

Since yo was confused about how tall today's figure is, here's a lineup of the Thundercats we have so far: even at 50% actual size, Pumyra is weirdly tall So he's a bit smaller, but certainly not to any weird … Continue reading

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GI Joe gets even worse

Who is in charge of the GI Joe brand at Hasbro right now, and why do they keep going in the wrong damn direction? Last week yo complained about how the new Classified Series figures are just copying the 1980s … Continue reading

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