Super7 Animaniacs addendum

Unlike Yakko and Wakko, Dot does not have a signature song. It's not like Tress MacNeille can't sing, but "I'm Cute" is more of a trivia note than something memorable. Come on, guys, she could have sung the universe song or something!

But, because we're not posting a video today, that leaves room for an addendum about something else: their size! All three reviews have discussed the size and proportions of the figures, and have done so unfavorably. Here's a comparison of the official Warner model sheets and the three Super7 Ultimates together:

In general, the heights are... sort of right? Wakko should be a little taller than he actually is, but each of them is more or less in proportion to one another the way they should be (though their posture will never match the animation). The biggest problem, though, is a "big" problem: Yakko's head is about 30% larger than it should be, which absolutely wrecks his look, and then messes with everything and everyone else from there.

(If you don't trust the model sheets and want to see them standing next to each other in the show, look for one of the "Wheel of Morality" segments, since that has them both standing still and standing in a line.)

And as yo theorized in his first review, the Animaniacs licensing press kit reveals that Yakko is about half the height of an adult human (in this case Dr. Scratchansniff):

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    I'm curious, how tall are they compared to, say, a Marvel Legends or (more appropriately) one of DC's recent offerings?

    I remember one of my favourite gags back in those days was when they'd hint at connections to DC (like that one episode of Freakazoid where a silhouetted figure that was clearly Batman made a cameo, or that one Tiny Toons episode where some of them tunneled into "legally distinct Batcave" where Batman yelled at Alfred over letting more people in). I don't have many DC figures, but I wonder how the Warners would look next to them.

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