yo - I need a generator

Man, it gets boring fast when the power goes out in winter.

Had a brown-out yesterday, starting a little after 6:30, and the power was off completely by 9:30. Of course, it's dark by 6:30 in November, so you can't see to do anything. Greeeeaaaat.

On the plus side, it was cloudy last night, which kept things warm(ish) and bounced a bit of ambient light from adjacent neighborhoods, so it wasn't pitch black if you went outside, and it stayed above 55° indoors - comfortable with a good blanket.

So I spent the night reading Unshelved book four - "Book Club" - by the light of an emergency candle my aunt gave me for Y2K.

Power finally came back at 7am. That's a good 12 hours of sitting in the dark with no entertainment. I'm just glad I got tomorrow's Transformers Tuesday review done before everything went kaput. Time to sleep now. Before the sun comes up...

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