Target Minimates

In today's new review of the Classic Spider-Man Minimates box set, yo mentioned that you could get all but one of the figures in that set by buying two-packs at Target. Jigga-huh?

See, Target is getting an exclusive series of comic-based Spidey Minimates... sometime. Minimates currently seem to be running a good three months behind schedule right now. Target's were due in May, while Series 17 and 18 (based on the new movie) were due in June. We still haven't seen Series 15 (Ghost Rider) or 16 (Avengers) yet, so don't run out to Target just yet. In fact, this box set is the only thing that's shipped on time.

Anyway, the Target two-packs will feature the following pairs, whenever they come out:

  • Torment Spidey/Powerhouse Venom
  • Melee Symbiote Spidey/Powerhouse Sandman
  • Civil War Spider-Man/Transformation Venom
  • Web Armor Spider-Man/Unmasked Green Goblin

So as you can see, you can get all the new Spidey Minimates simply by buying the box set and two two-packs, or you can get four of the five box set figures if you don't want to find a local comicshop. In any case, Target is the only place you'll see Iron Spidey, Web Armor Spidey, Unmasked GG or whatever that mystery Venom is. Good shopping!

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