OAFEnet Update for Thursday, September 20

The OAFEnet Email Update is already picking out its Halloween costume.

At long last, our theme...month? Weeks? whatever. A long period of time in which we only reviewed one kind of thing. That's coming to an end. But not until we give you this week's reviews to read up on. They're the grand finale.

  • We begin with a character whose creation was all but guaranteed. You're starting the world over with a blank slate, and you have a chance to put your #1 breadwinner into play from day one? Of course you're going to take it!
  • Buying toys may get a bit harder in the near future.
  • Most of the Marvel Legends characters have had action figures before, but few have raised as much ire from the fanboys as this one. Why the hatred, geeks? What, you can't be happy unless you're the only one to have something? Can't let other people get in on the fun? Spoilsports. There's no reason everyone shouldn't get a crack at a figure like this.
  • If something you made influenced the toy industry, even in a small way, would you be pleased or upset? That's the question facing these guys.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday review is probably the single most desired TF figure on the shelves right now. Or, well, not on the shelves, since no one can seem to find it. Unless they know the secret location to shop.
  • There was only one thing missing from that figure, but you'll have to customize it yourself.
  • By this point, there should be no mystery as to Wednesday's new post. It's the payoff to all these weeks of reviews! And apparently you could find it on Wikipedia well before it was actually unveiled. That site has everything!
  • Want to take part in a documentary about toys? You may just have the chance.
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