OAFEnet Update for Thursday, September 27

Holy smack-cabbage! It's the OAFEnet Email Update!

  • Our week began with a tiny bundle of goodness. Or evilness. Good evil. You know, the kind that's menacing, but also adorably cute? Yeah, that. Give in to your love for toys suitable for a preschooler.
  • Shocking everyone, we premiered a new Figuretoon this week. Or, well, to be honest, it would have been shocking if anyone noticed. Read the jokes no one else has read.
  • Have you had your vision checked, recently? This review may have you seeing double, but don't worry, it's supposed to. Now, if you start seeing four instead of two, then it may be time to call your optometrist.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday was also last week's Email Preview - because none of the other reviews were done, and we wanted to surprise you.
  • There's also a blog post to go with this one, asking for some help. Are you smart or clever enough to answer?
  • And finally, a review that shows you where we're going in the immediate future. We promise it won't take three weeks to get to the payoff, this time.

Remember, The Hour is coming. And sooner than you think!

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