OAFEnet Update for Thursday, October 18

The OAFEnet Email Update - oh yes, there will be blood.

Our schedule this week oddly mirrored last week's. See if you can spot the parallels.

  • Our first review of the week is fairly safe. Why, it's a pair of heroes, surely here to protect you from evil! AHHH! NO! They're secretly monsters, come to devour your flesh! Run, puny humans! Flee for your lives!
  • To go along with that review, check out our blog for a Fun Fact.
  • Maybe our next review will help you. It's a sales clerk! A man who could pass a simple drug test. Invite him into your home, so that he might show you... how he... stocks cans? Okay, so this one isn't quite as close. Same company, though.
  • A ghost drifted in this week, looking to claim new victims. Read about one of the year's best toys.
  • If you're looking for something small and pocket-sized, then has Transformers Tuesday got the figure for you! When you hold it, you can imagine your hands are suddenly huge!
  • Our next review is a MOC-collector's wet dream: a toy that screams at you when you open it. Learn all about this much-delayed toy.
  • Hey, real quick! Here's a bonus Horror Month review, for no good reason.

Keep an eye on our Horror Month page, by the way - next week, we'll have a contest where you can win some creepy new toys of your own! Oooh, mysterious! We'll see you in seven!

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