Transformers Tuesday: the Iceman cometh

In today's Transformers Tuesday review of the Best Buy-exclusive Megatron, yo said that the translucent ice plates on the Voyager version were really unpopular.

Some fans complained that this was a silly variation, since we only see Megatron frozen for a few seconds, and he was never icy in jet mode. Come on, use your imagination, guys.

If you look at the sculpt of the ice on the robot's body, it isn't all formed the same way: the wings and shins have the ice pointing down, like it should, but the chest points up and the shoulders go out to the sides. Is that lazy work on the sculptor's part? No, it's a hint.

Transform Megatron to jet mode, and you'll see that all the ice is now pointing the same general direction - away from the nose. If you stop to think about it, what does that say? This isn't the ice that encased the robot, it's ice that formed on the jet, blowing back as it flew.

You can imagine him zipping, out of control, over Antarctica. He might even have been able to pull up and avoid his frozen tomb, if his wings hadn't started to ice over. This isn't the N.B.E. seen at Sector 7, this is prehistoric Megatron, about to spend millions of years stuck on a mudball planet.

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