OAFEnet Update for Thursday, January 17

Bucking the trend, the OAFEnet Email Update *cannot* fit in a manilla envelope.

  • Our first review this week was part of a new series we're doing, Joe Friday - it's like Transformers Tuesday, but different. So hopefully every Friday, you'll get to read a new review of some Real American Hero-related goodness.
  • How much do you spend on toys in an average year? yo did the math on his 2007 purchases, and turned it into a new Point of Articulation. Share in the embarrassment!
  • Our next review came in on Star Wars Sunday! Okay, no, we're not really doing yet another theme day, it just happened that way. Some people may ask why we spend so much of our week just looking at Hasbro toys - we ask why no other company can seem to get their toys into stores for us to buy.
  • Speaking of being whores for Hasbro, this week's Transformers Tuesday is one of the movie figures. Here's a hint: the color scheme will make you want to pluck out your own eyes.
  • Also on Tuesday, we posted a review of a little-known figure from an unknown company. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? It's always good to take a risk on something new once in a while. Sure, you run the risk of it being pretty bad, but there's also a chance it will turn out really good. Is this figure worth the gamble? Only one place to find out.
  • We polished off the week with a ravenous hunger and a lack of accessories. This should be two figures, but it's actually more like one and two-thirds. But in a good way! It's not any more broken than it should be.
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