OAFEnet Update for Thursday, February 21

The OAFEnet Email Update has been declared the new leader of Cuba.

We're three weeks into Old Toys Month now, and the reviews have been coming fast, so you'd better doublecheck to make sure you haven't missed anything - you wouldn't want to feel left out, would you?

  • We chose a Sigma 6 figure for Joe Friday, one that stands out in the line. Take a very specific soldier skill, a character with an unclear history, and a rare variant based on accessories, and you get.
  • Saturday's review is a character with an oddly-timed origin. To learn the whole story, follow the link to our blog after reading the rest.
  • We also began our Armchair Toy Fair Coverage on Saturday, providing commentary, rather than news. After all, pictures without any context are just eyecandy. Get in on the discussion!
  • Our regular Star Wars review is a real special treat, because it was supposed to be posted earlier - much earlier. Check out this lost gem from our archives.
  • Poe's next piece is a review of the angriest man in our countdown. He's filled with a burning, unearthly rage... and he rides the outerspace equivalent of a Segway.
  • Again we chose a strange figure for Transformers Tuesday - it's like a robotic version of Flavor Flav. And we don't mean he's prone to screaming his own name.
  • Do you have a ton of Galactic Heroes, Superhero Squad, and Robot Heroes around? Want to put them to good use? Then check this out.
  • Poe wrapped up his marathon run of reviews with the only figure that could bring it to a close. If you've clicked the other links, you can probably guess what this one is going to be - and if you got the Update via email, you would have seen it two weeks ago.
  • Finally, just as before, Artemis closes out our Email Update. And yes, it's the second half of the two-part review; how unexpected!
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