OAFEnet Update for Thursday, October 8

The OAFEnet Email Update wants to suck your blood.

October! Horror Month! 31 days of creepy reviews, just like every year. But before we get to the new stuff, here's something old. In honor of the movie FINALLY being released on DVD, start this week by reading our old review of Trick 'r Treat icon Sam.

  • Our first review takes its "October" connection the lazy way. It's Joe Friday, of course, and we used the same gag last year, too.
  • The Seventh Kingdom reviews continued, with Poe doing this series' designated bad girl.
  • Ever wanted to play Frankenstein and build your own monster? Here's your chance.
  • Marvel Monday has been held up for at least a month - every time it was about to be posted, something else came along and bumped it. At last, it makes its presence known.
  • More info on the news Artemis shared last week about Diamond Select's new toyline.
  • You may wonder how Transformers Tuesday could possibly relate to "horror," but consider what it is - a twisted, evil clone? How is that NOT horror?
  • Artemis, no surprise, found a way to make Horror Month devastatingly sexy.
  • And, staying on-topic, we switch from yuri to yaoi. If you still find that devastatingly sexy, hey, more power to you.
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