OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, April 29

Someone's been sleeping in my bed - and it's the OAFEnet Email Update!

  • There's one thing missing from most of the Rise of Cobra toys: color. Lots of black on these toys, and this week's Joe Friday is a prime example.
  • Saturday's review was something weird - a movie figure that never actually appeared in the movie it's from.
  • We know the Four Horsemen love updating the old Super Powers toyline, but they've also got a thing for turning animated designs into realistic figures.
  • This week's Marvel Monday is special, a super-sized review to hype the upcoming Iron Man 2.
  • Transformers Tuesday was both bigger than usual, and smaller than you'd expect. How is such a paradox possible? Find out by clicking the link.
  • You know what makes Superman the world's greatest hero? His willingness to beat up a woman.
  • And to close out our week, a new version of an old... not "favorite," necessarily, but at least an old figure. One that's been reviewed in the past, in fact.
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