Flippin' Through Previews - May '10

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in July.

DC Direct's Blackest Night subline continues, offering looks at two series this time: Black Lantern Superman, Yellow Lantern Arkillo, Red lantern Mera (with the evil cat!) and Black Lantern Terra with Scar; Black Lantern Flash; orange Lantern Lex Luthor; Indigo Lantern Atom; and Yellow Lantern Scarecrow. See them on page 132-33.

If you like Kubricks, DCD is offering a box set of 10 movie, tv and cartoon-inspired designs on page 137.

Apparently the first Ratchet and Clank toys did okay, because on page 140, a new set is offered.

IDW has finally moved to the front of the book, so now you can find their Transformers comics on page 144-45, and GI Joe on 146-48.

Do you enjoy Halo? Do you enjoy Minimates? Then you'll enjoy the Halo Minimates on page 390. There's a box set of figures, and also a vehicle pack with a Warthog.

The crappy Venture Brothers Megos continue on page 396.

In good news, though, 396 also shows a bunch of new GI Joe toys. There are sungle-carded figures, Mech Suit sets, and even two vehicles. Flip over to page 398 to see two more.

Page 402 has a pair of listings for Lego Kingdoms sets.

Mezco is offering Stylized Rotocast figures of Michael Myers and the Wolfman on page 403.

A new series of Marvel Universe toys is revealed on 403, as well. This one includes Iron Spider, Winter Soldier, Mary Jane Watson and Iron Patriot.

If you like Megos, look at page 404 for the new Lost figures.

Page 405 is a real bounty. There are two Kick-Ass figures, three from Jonah Hex, four Terminator 2s and a listing for the upcoming Predators.

Lego is still making Power Miners? Apparently. That and a lot more can be found on page 407.

Page 408 features Star Wars - both Lego sets, carded figures and the super deluxe AT-AT. The goodness continues all the way to page 411, including vehicles, battle packs, Galactic Heroes and Transformers.

Speaking of Transformers, pages 412 and 413 are full of great new stuff, including the new Power Core Combiners, the new "Classics" style stuff, movie toys and more!

Sackboy is back! Mezco's Little Big Planet line in un-cancelled, and you can see the first three figs on page 413.

Would you kindly turn to page 414 to see the new BioShock toys?

Is the Marvel Select Magneto on page 83 of the Marvel supplement a new listing? The way Diamond relists things, it's hard to tell.

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