ATFC '11 - Day 2: Mattel

Today was Mattel's press event, and while we didn't Tweet it, we still have the liveblogging for you right here:

Green Lantern

  • Toys will be out May 1st.
  • 6" Movie Masters
  • 12" Hal Jordan will recite the oath when you wave a ring past its chest.
  • 14" Parallax BAF. Must buy all 12 Movie Masters, including two versions of Hal. Shipping slowly throughout the year, should all be out by October.

MotU Classics

  • Stratos is leftover stock from previous re-release.
  • "Battleground Teela" is based on the old DC Comics version of He-Man.
  • In August, Man-E-Faces and Megator will have secret accessories.
  • There will be a fan poll to determine whether Man-E-Faces' skin will be pink or orange.
  • Swiftwind will be at the end of the year, released alongside new redone She-Ra (new female body).
  • Black Eternian Palace Guard is not Clamp Champ.

DCU Classics

  • Series 18 is Super Powers: Black Vulcan, El Dorado, Toyman, (Modern) Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger with two heads.
  • Full Legion of Superheroes pack will be revealed at SDCC. Priced around $15/per figure.
  • No price increase in 2011.
  • Trying to fix some fan complaints.
  • Star Sapphire Wonder Woman will be same size as existing figure.

Justice League

  • Final year. Cartoon ended five years ago.
  • New three-packs:
    • Future JLU (Static/Aquagirl/Micron)
    • Vandal Savage/Batman/Future Superman
    • Mongol/Batman/Wonder Woman
  • New single S.T.R.I.P.E. w/ human & helmet heads
  • Late fall 7-pack to be shown at SDCC: contents not revealed yet, but "final remaining, if you will, 'card carrying' members of the Justice League. So, uh, for those familiar with the show, you can probably guess who we quite haven't done that actually was part of the team."
  • Tour-exclusive three-packs (see below).

Young Justice

  • Young Justice figures are in same scale as JLU.
  • Basic single figures come with BAF Hall of Justice. Not playset, diorama facade.
  • Hero/sidekick two-packs. Villain/minion two-packs.
  • 6" figures will have HIGHLY ornate display bases.


  • Legacy collection. Builds excitement for Dark Knight rises.
  • Singles will be comic style
  • Two-packs will be based on different media: Movie Masters (Jim Gordon/Survival Suit Bruce), Arkham Asylum vidgeogame (Batman/Two-Face), two more sets shown at SDCC


  • First figure at SDCC
  • "Just wait, because the Voltron toys you have been waiting your whole childhood for are coming!"
  • Really big and really buildable.


  • Louis Tully/Vinz Clortho - swappable heads: brain detector/frazzled, with stone Terror Dog head to fit over. Comes with pizza slice and popcorn.
  • 12" two-pack in April. Winston and Venkman from GB2. Lots of new accessories.
  • Labcoat Egon with library ghost and new equipment.

Back to the Future

  • Multiple scales
  • Only have rights to Doc and Marty, no one else.

Mattel is going to regional shows: C2E2, Wondercon, Dragon Con and NYCC. There will be JLU "convention tour" exclusives: one with Kyle Rayner/Goldface/Evil Star; Angle Man/Killer Frost/Firestorm; Heatwave/Flash/Mirror Master. Not at SDCC, only at the other four shows. Also having regional contests.

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