GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - Jon M. Chu is in

So it was just the other day that we told you Never Say Never's Jon M. Chu was on the short list to direct GI Joe 2. Well, that list just got a lot shorter, because Deadline is reporting that Chu has officially been given the job.

Remember, Paramount Pictures is in charge of GI Joe. And Never Say Never was a Paramount release. So Chu makes the studio an assload of money by doing the Bieber biopic, and he's rewarded by getting to do a movie they plan to pour a lot of money into. That seems fair to us.

Now, granted, none of us have seen NSN, so we don't know how it is as a movie. But remember that subject and style are two different things: just because it was about the Beeb, it doesn't mean the actual directing was crap, too.

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