OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 20

Terror has a name: the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • Joe Friday may not seem to fit the theme of Horror Month, but tell that to someone who's acrophobic!
  • Our third Baturday sees Batman put on yet another silly costume. If it were orange and blue instead of black and grey, it could almost pass for a '90s toy design.
  • Here are two figures that are both very fun and very disappointing. Ooh, a conundrum!
  • Do you have any toys that broke or got lost that you particularly miss? Reminisce with us.
  • Marvel Monday brings you a mad scientist, and a REALLY mad scientist.
  • This set brings us a figure we've been awaiting for what seems like years.
  • Wondering what Rustin bought this week? So is he!
  • Here's a review we've been building toward since last month: in honor of Halloween, it's a guy with a mask.

Be sure to visit the blog if you haven't: this week we had multiple videos for you to watch, some bonus Rustinry, a comic and the death of an important, longstanding member of the toy fan community.

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