OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, September 6

Give us the OAFEnet Email Update, we must have it!

  • Technically Joe Friday still fell in August, the month we review all the exclusives - but we already reviewed the two SDCC exclusives, so what were we to do? Answer? Review an unexpected store exclusive!
  • Saturday's review was one we'd all begun to think we may never get to read.
  • And similarly, Sunday's review was one we should have written a long time ago.
  • This was a MOTU Monday week, and this is the type of figure Mattel said they didn't want to do.
  • Transformers Tuesday is a character who's got his own little parcel of drama trailing along behind him.
  • Rustin's purchases this week were very NECA-centric, but it's spurred an interesting discussion in the comments.
  • Now that we're finished with August's exclusives, we can go back and cover this figure you've been waiting for.

This week's blog topics include a dream crossover, the excesses of the 90s, and a video we hope will make you laugh as hard as it did us.

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