OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, April 11

Take it to a whole new level with the OAFEnet Email Update - AGAIN!

  • Our week began on the weekend, with a character wearing a fancy necktie! He must be ready for business.
  • Our next review is a character who's going to be released at least four times - and each time, he'll have less clothing on.
  • We didn't just write this Marvel Monday review: we also put new, updated photos in three reviews linked from it. See if you can guess which three.
  • And similarly, we didn't actually post a new Transformers Tuesday this week - we just put new photos in this one. If you want a direct comparison of how different the photos are, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to the rescue! Doesn't that look better?
  • We usually do a DC Comics figure in the middle of the week, but this time it's only in the most roundabout way: DC is owned by Warner Bros.; WB also owns Cartoon Network; Cartoon Network has its [adult swim] programming block; and that's ultimately where this toy comes from.
  • And finally, as promised, Rustin's back with a new Spoils of the Week. Rejoice! Rejoice!

If you go to the blog you can see an update from JoeCon, the new Previews catalog, a most impressive Lego man, and more exciting new things you won't see anywhere else.

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