Dungeons and Dragons Kre-O blind-bagged figure decoder

D&D Kre-O

In the tradition of our Transformers and GI Joe Kre-O code lists, here's a rundown of the D&D blind bags:

D&D Kre-O Series 1

...05 Tiefling
...06 Cleric
...07 Flag Carrier
...08 Paladin
...09 Orc Axeman
...10 Orc Beastmaster
...11 Orc Drudge
...12 Orc Fighter
...13 Orc War Drummer
...14 Statue Warrior
...15 Fighter
...16 Illusion Wizard

Remember, you're looking for the serial number printed along the edge on the back of the bag - the final two numbers (shown above) are what will tell you which figure is in the bag.

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One Response to Dungeons and Dragons Kre-O blind-bagged figure decoder

  1. Z says:

    Any chance of finding a way to identify the figs from Collection 2? I seem to have completely missed Collection 1, but there's some Collection 2 figs out right now.

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