Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Rick Grimes review

You think we hide behind walls to protect us from the Walking Dead Wednesday? Don't you get it? We ARE the Walking Dead Wednesday!

As we told you last year, Series 1 of Funko's Walking Dead Mystery Minis didn't have the rights to make any characters who had appeared in the comics. Yes, despite the fact that these are emphatically based on the AMC series. It was some kind of legal thing that was never quite clear. Obviously they got it worked out in time for Series 2, unless we're meant to believe this figure is the totally unrelated original character, "Officer Nick Crimes."

Officer Pit Stains is played by Andrew Lincoln, a British actor whose previous claim to fame was being "the guy with the signs" hitting on Elizabeth Swann in Love Actually. Why is it when British actors adopt American accents, nobody can tell, but when American actors try to sound British, it's all Dick Van Dyke 'emming and 'awing about 'is 'oliday?

Rick has the same big blank eyes as all the Mystery Minis, but is still easily recognized - the advantage of wearing a distinctive costume! There's no mistaking that hat, you know? He's also wearing his deputy's uniform: a tan shirt with brown on the pockets, sleeves and shoulders, and brown pants with tan stripes up the legs. His hat has a sloppily painted hatband and a seven-pointed star. He's got pointilism-style stubble, rather than a stripe of some solid color. One hand rests on his belt, and he's got his silver gun in his hand.

Officer Deputy is one of the most common figures in Series 2. He's packed 2:24, and has no variant - it's just Rick, as you see him. Now all we need is some Breaking Bad Mystery Minis so he can fight Walter White.

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