Amazon drops "boys" and "girls" categories from its toys

Last week Amazon changed their website, removing the "Gender" category from their toy listings page. Check it out: as you can see, they got rid of the option to search for toys under "boys" or "girls," okay? Now, we think that's great, that's progressive, but look at these other toy categories that Amazon still has on their site:

Yeah! Here's the Amazon site and here's some of their toy categories.
Look at this one right here, "Sissies & Tomboys." What the hell is that?

Look at this one: "Made in China" & "Made in a Different Part of

Look at this one: "Child Toy by Day, Adult Insertable by Night." Wow. I see some of you have that one.

Look at this one: "Just Enough Lead to Slow Them Down." My God.

Here's one, "Pool Noodles, Regular or MAGNUM."

One "Based on Characters Portrayed by Don Cheadle." That's very specific.

Check this out one: "Gay Sports Balls."

And finally, "Weird Wooden Shit from Germany."


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