Watch the Masters of the Universe movie for free

Paramount Studios is putting some of its movies up for free on YouTube, including 1987's terrible Masters of the Universe:

If you've ever wondered why the movie is so terrible, part of it is because Mattel placed strict restrictions on the script - no killing, etc. - then completely reversed course when the toy sales started to drop off, desperate for a success. Also, while the original plan was for Mattel to fund half the film and Cannon Films to fund the other half, that didn't work out: Mattel paid their half of the money, it got spent, and then Cannon refused to pay the rest, forcing Mattel to pony up or see everything go to waste.

Here's a behind-the-scenes video with more:

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2 Responses to Watch the Masters of the Universe movie for free

  1. Pink Parademon says:

    Well I know what I'll be doing for the next two hours!

    • Pink Parademon says:

      Good gravy that was awful! It's like it starts out okay, but then every frame is worse than the one before it. The movie is a constant down-hill slide.

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