Iron Man's Hall of Armor

Looking for a fun way to display all your Iron Man toys? Something a little more exciting than just standing them all in a row? How about this DIY solution!

It's modular, so you can build as many pods as you need, and it's scaled for 6" figures - all the images are here, and are designed to be printed on standard A4/Letter size paper (just tell your printer to scale them to fit the print area). They recommend using cardstock, since it will need to support the weight of actual action figures.

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2 Responses to Iron Man's Hall of Armor

  1. yo go re says:

    hey, I tried this out over the weekend. Here's a pic with the first Iron Man figure I grabbed (Neo-Classic):

    It took about four hours to do the whole thing, but that'd probably get quicker with practice. Like you said, I just told the printer to scale the images to fit the paper, and this is the result. All I had was plain printer paper and tape (no glue), but even with crummy materials, it turned out okay...

  2. Michael says:

    Would it work for 4" figures?

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