Spider-Man Legends Silk addendum

Since it was brought up in today's review, here are Silk's various costumes, beginning with the "I'm all naked and sticky, tee-hee" webs-only outfit:

Then the first costume she wore, with the large white panel and the weird legs:

And finally, the costume the toy has, which should be white and not grey:

(It's possible they were trying to copy the cover of Silk #1, but that was a scene set in the dark at night, not a correctly colored model sheet.)

And because people have been asking, here's Spider-Girl's rather gruesome big scene:

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4 Responses to Spider-Man Legends Silk addendum

  1. Wolf says:

    On a semi-related note, you mentioned Artemis in the Spider ladies reviews. What did ever happen to him? Some of his reviews were quite entertaining.

    • OAFE says:

      No one knows. Such is the fate of internet relationships: if something happens in the real world, unless the people who are physically in your life know to spread the word online, then one day you simply disappear without a trace.

      • Wolf says:

        Yeah. Apparently he was based in Sydney, like myself -- but that still doesn't narrow it down a lot. It's entirely possible he still frequents some of the places that I buy toys/comics/etc, but some people do just disappear out of the scene. But if I do ever cross his path, I'll make sure to tell him to drop a line!

  2. Salinium says:

    Safe to assume that's what happened with Rustin as well?

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