Lego Batman Minifigures: The Eraser review

Just four more days until the movie opens! We'd better review the main villain of the piece.

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At school, Lenny Fiasco always got teased for erasing the mistakes he made in his notes and homework. In bitterness, he became The Eraser, a super-villain with the ability to remove all clues from a crime scene. For a modest fee, other criminals can hire him to erase the evidence they leave behind, so that not even a Dark Knight Detective can trace their tracks!

One of several villains seemingly created by a writer on a deadline merely casting about the room he was in to find inspiration, The Eraser first appeared in 1966's Batman #188, and second appeared in 2008's 2008's Ambush Bug: Year None #4. Do you know how bad a character you have to be for the Batman comics not to reuse you even in a cameo or reprint!?! The issue in question, which sees Robin constantly bemoaning the sheer amount of trim Bruce Wayne gets (until a psychic girl shows up for a single panel to kiss Dick Robin, too), reveals that Leonard attended university with Bruce Wayne and can recognize him by smell. And hates Bruce because the girl Lenny liked seemed to like Bruce better. This minifigure has a new style of block instead of offering an actual head, with the ridges on the grey ferrule and at the base of the pink eraser molded in. The black stripes on his yellow body further the comparison to a pencil. They even painted the point of the pencil on his feet! Shame the stamp can't go all the way to the edges like it should. He comes with a white tile kitted up as a spiral notebook with "To Erase!" written at the top of the list. What's on that list? Nothing, he's erased it.

Considering his only appearance is in the worst comic during the wort part of Batman's history, the fact The Eraser now has a toy - any toy at all - is astounding. I'm honestly chuffed by this one.

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