Star Wars: Black Series Porgs review

Today I reviewed the Target-exclusive Star Wars Black Series: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) - Ahch-To Island figure, and looking at the length of that link, you know why we never bothered to write out the full name of the toy in the review. Anyway, since Ahch-To Island is the home to the porgs, and this is a small set, it seemed like the perfect time for a quick addendum review.

Small. Mimicking. Mischievous.

Porgs are sea birds native to whatever world Ahch-To is on. ["Ahch-To" is the planet, the island doesn't get a specific name --ed.] They're fat little puffballs with mouths instead of beaks, and two large black eyes on the front of their heads. They're the cutest things since baby Ewoks, and amazingly, nobody seems to hate them! And the only reason they exist is because of strict environmental laws.

The Ahch-To scenes were filmed on Skellig Michael, in Ireland. Since the '80s, the Skelligs have been a bird sanctuary, a protected nesting ground for puffins. The filmmakers weren't allowed to remove the puffins, so they digitally painted over them, turning them into these adorable little creatures.

The porgs come in a small, pocket-sized box, designed to match the other Black Series releases. You get two for about $6, which may be a little high, but doesn't feel like a total rip-off. Both are male (you can tell by the orange plumage around their eyes), but you get two different poses: one is settled on the ground, while the other is standing up. The standing one has separate wings, as well, and they're mounted on balljoints so you can have fun posing them.

So far, the porgs only seem to have turned up at Target and GameStop, though they're not exclusives. A lot of people seem to be buying multiples, but I was happy with just one. Even if you're not planning to get Luke and his chunk of Ahch-To, the porgs are cute and made better than you'd expect.

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9 Responses to Star Wars: Black Series Porgs review

  1. Black Arbor says:

    I'm obviously not going to change your mind, since ever since I've started reading OAFE you've been a stubborn bastard (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!), but saying "The friendless MRAs who hated Last Jedi" doesn't really take into account the people (like me) who disliked TLJ because it was too much like a Marvel movie; Too quippy and jokey and slap-schticky. Yes, Star Wars has always had humor, but not like what we got in TLJ, and, side note, though it's not related to the humor of the movie, I feel like Leia's floating scene would've been received better had she not done a Superman flying pose...

    • yo go re says:

      Nah, that's a perfectly valid complaint. There's a big difference between "you know, I think Rey saying 'couldn't you put on a shirt' to Kylo is a little over-the-top and doesn't fit, tonally, with the rest of the series" and "I'M GOING TO EDIT THIS MOVIE TO REMOVE ALL THE WOMEN ADMIRAL HOLDO IS LITERALLY CASTRATING THE BRILLIANT AND FLAWLESS POE DAMERON!" I wasn't just putting together a mean insult at random. Finding fault with The Last Jedi doesn't make one a Men's Rights Activist, but boy howdy did MRAs hate The Last Jedi!

    • Ridureyu says:

      You are a friendless MRA.

    • noam says:

      Maybe a little bit too much on the "bastard" than on the "stubborn".

      • yo go re says:

        Yeah, probably, but that's why we encourage people who disagree with us to hang around: the world's got enough echo chambers. If I didn't want anybody to ever tell me what I'm doing is wrong, I'd be a professional YouTuber...

  2. Soundwinder says:

    You know, haven't seen the movie, but I'd pick up this set just because it's cute. $6 seems a bit much, but the articulated wings on the standing one look like they've got a lot of potential.

    • yo go re says:

      Well I'd say "wait for a sale," but the way people are snapping up scads of these things makes me think they won't last that long. I was shocked by those wings, honestly: I thought MAYBE there'd be swivels, but wouldn't have been completely surprised if there were no joints at all...

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