Mythic Legions: Sword Horsemen exclusive review

So, as mentioned in today's review, I have two copies of the Sword Horsemen accessory. One came with Thistlethorn, and is painted with a dark blue-green shade, sort of a metallic emerald, with gold picking out a few details. The blade is silver, while the hilt is a darker shade of grey. So that's the easiest one to get.

The other is a Kickstarter exclusive. Everybody who pledged for at least $30 in the campaign (in other words, even buying one basic figure) got a free copy of Sword Horsemen! Sorry, 23 people who gamely threw in a single dollar to show their moral support, you miss out. The paint on the exclusive version is simpler than the one included with the figure: the hilt and blade are the same silver, and the fancy part of the design is a red-tinged bronze with no further shading or accents.

The Four Horsemen's logo has always been a horse's skull - originally a realistic (if cartoony) representation, but later changed to a "90s tribal tattoo" version. This accessory is based on the latter, because all the stylized spikes make for a cooler crossguard.

When held in the hand, the sword's decoration really does just look like some inexplicably ornate embellishment, not something at all out of place in a fantasy setting like Mythoss; but turn it point down, and the shape is immediately recognizable.

You do need to be careful with the "ears," though (and don't question why a horse skull would have ears in the first place, it just does). The plastic gets very thin where they connect to the rest of the head, and could snap off with just a little too much force.

Sword Horsemen is a really nifty design, but it's missing the one thing that makes a fantasy sword great: some sort of power. Drinking souls, providing sight beyond sight, unlocking the secrets of mystic castles, glowing when orcs are near, forcing the wielder to confront the truth about themselves, giving them all the skills of its former owners... the best swords do something other than just make it easier to slice bread. So head down to the comments and tell us what cool thing you think the Sword Horsemen should be able to do. Or "Swords" Horsemen, since there are two of them.

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